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Do you want to spread the word about your hospitality business and attract the attention of journalists, bloggers and influencers on a national or international level? Look no further than! Our platform allows you to effortlessly publish press releases that are automatically published on various websites, making it easy for journalists and bloggers to discover and use your content for their own media purposes.

A press release remains one of the most effective ways for organizations to engage with the media. It serves as a powerful tool to generate publicity for your projects, news or products. Sending a press release may seem traditional, but it is far from outdated. While it targets journalists, it also reaches bloggers, vloggers, and others interested in your industry. By using a press release, you can let these people know about your exciting new products, services or website.

Whether you're running a hotel, restaurant or organizing an event, send out a press release today. If you have a new product in the food and beverage industry or offer organic options, Buzzafy is the perfect platform to share your news.

By registering with Buzzafy, you get instant access to a dedicated newsroom for your hospitality business, website or app. Within your newsroom, you can create a comprehensive company profile, upload compelling photos, and effortlessly create, publish, and distribute press releases.

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When drafting your press release, keep it concise and to one page. Carefully proofread your release for spelling and grammar before sending it out. Press releases with misspellings and poor punctuation are likely to be ignored. Choose a clear, easy-to-read font, such as Helvetica or Times, and use a font size no smaller than 11 point.

Always approach your press release as if you were writing a news story, using the third-person perspective. This format is preferred by journalists and reduces their workload, increasing the likelihood of your release being published.

A well-crafted press release should contain all the essential information in a short, clear and professional manner. Aim for a word count of about 300-400 words, with a maximum of 500 words. Keep paragraphs small, consisting of just a few sentences, and answer the basic questions: What, When, Where, Who and Why.

Remember that while a press release is an opportunity for free publicity, there is no guarantee that it will be used, and you have limited control over how the media will use your content.

Choose Buzzafy to promote your hospitality business, whether it's a bar, restaurant, hotel or new organic food and beverage offerings. Start sharing your news and press releases today and extend your reach to a wider audience!

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