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Mumbai, IN, Feb. 22, 2023, 12:29 am EST
Ghost Kitchens acquires celebrity burger brand "Speak Burgers" by Chef Vicky Ratnani

Chef Vicky Ratnani will join Ghost Kitchens as Chief Culinary Officer and Co-founder

Kitchens acquires “Speak Burgers” img#1
Kitchens acquires “Speak Burgers”

Ghost Kitchens acquires celebrity burger brand "Speak Burgers" by Chef Vicky Ratnani

Ghost Kitchens India has announced today that it has acquired celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani's gourmet cloud kitchen brand called 'Speak Burgers' known for its freshly prepared bespoke burgers, appetizers & poppers, charcoal grilled chicken wings, chips, French fries & more.

Through this strategic acquisition, Ghost Kitchens plans to cater to & acquire a new customer segment with high spending power. This will be in line with Ghost Kitchen's vision to build premium food delivery brands listed on delivery aggregators like Swiggy & Zomato. TV Host & Chef, Vicky Ratnani who is also the founder & brainchild behind Speak Burgers will also be joining Ghost Kitchens India as Chief Culinary Officer & Co-founder. Speak Burgers has 2 delivery kitchens in Mumbai in Oshiwara & Bandra and plans to serve from 200+ locations in next 3 years through fulfilment partner program. Currently, Ghost Kitchens has over 160 fulfilment partners in more than 40 cities for its own brands. Ghost Kitchens will also launch 3 new brands with Chef Vicky Ratnani including mass premium Pizza brand as well as healthy & clean food cloud kitchen brands. With these 3 new brands, Ghost Kitchens aims to add 400 + new Fulfillment partners over the next 3 years. Any restaurant with under-utilised capacity can apply to serve brands by Chef Vicky Ratnani under Ghost Kitchens program. Chef Vicky says," I am very excited to scale Speak burgers with Ghost Kitchens. Ghost Kitchens understands how to scale brands with consistent customer experience. I wanted to take experience of chargrilled burgers to many cities in India and now that dream is coming true. My focus is to only serve food using premium ingredients and state of art packaging."

Speak Burgers offers a flavour-forward variety of unique burgers prepared to perfection. Fan favourites include Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger, Buff Tenderloin & Brie burger, Hariyali Desi pesto Paneer Burger, Gluten free & healthy burgers like Bohemian roasted beet & black bean burger, Grilled Harissa Lamb burger, Korean Chicken burger & craveable sides. The brand will be scaled & managed by Ghost Kitchens' using their expertise in menu engineering to introduce burger bowls, salad bowls, desserts & beverages. Karan Tanna, Founder CEO of Ghost Kitchens says,"Chef Vicky comes with 25 years of F and B experience. He is one of the most sought-after chefs in India and we are lucky to have him on board. With his expertise we will be able to offer a richer culinary food delivery experience through premium brands. With our presence in 40 cities, we have data of gaps of supply of premium brands, which we will quickly fill through this collaboration."

Ghost Kitchens brings it's expertise in managing & scaling restaurant brands through it's proprietary tech platform PRAgati, inventory and recipe management, robot for customer review segmentation, aggregator funnel optimisation, analysis of Ops metrics and call-to-action to improve algorithm on aggregators. This will help in organic order increase for the brand.

Ghost Kitchens India was started in May 2019 and has a portfolio of 30+ restaurant brands in various cuisine categories, different price points and demography. Ghost Kitchens operates 4 company owned cloud kitchens in Mumbai and has 110+ partners across 35 cities in India. The company runs over 1200 internet restaurants, having an order volume of approximately 1 lac + orders per month and annual run rate of 8 Million USD.